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Upside Down


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Upside Down 04:40
Upside Down This place now is our ground The fog will stay now Spinning upside down This city now holds a different file Of parallel desire Buried underground This place now is our ground The fog will stay now Spinning upside down ©Em Pompa 2018
You 02:44
You I know when my time comes I’ll die a poor soul ‘Cause I ran after you all my life that’s for sure Giving up everything to try to taste you Will it be worth it? It’s the price I’ll pay to get a glimpse of you Night and day I’ll keep chasing you Full speed I’ll follow you blindfolded once more It’s a gamble that I hold tight in my arms Tracking you down at any cost There’s no turning back It’s the price I pay to get a glimpse of you Night and day I’ll keep chasing you I’m up all night Guess I’ll put on my best suit with my lion heart No turning back, the gloves are off I’m set in your trap It’s the price I’ll pay to get a glimpse of you I’ll track you down, I’ll give it all up I find myself still chasing you No forfeit now, the gloves are off I’ll give it all to keep chasing you No turning back, now it’s a trap Between heaven and hell I’ll try to tame you I’ll track you down, I’ll give it all up © 2018 Émilie Pompa
My Crown 04:12
My Crown Your chains they call me out They hold me down and shut me out The wolf inside he rises Don’t ask me why, it’s instinct ‘Cause this is my crown I’ll wear it mighty and proud These wounded hands are tired They don’t know what to hold on to Stepping through landmines Drunk of being a soldier Who will raise the flag Beautiful denial Throw back your glass full of acid booze Another so the numbness will take over and rule our toxic heads filled with lead Well this is my crown, beautiful burden It’s weighing you down, beautiful danger Are you the last of my kind, you beautiful soldier ‘Cause this is my crown This is my crown, beautiful burden It’s killing me now, beautiful danger ©Em Pompa 2018
Wildfire 03:16
Wildfire Driving on the same old familiar road I smell smoke I look for the pyromaniac He’s right by my side Time to be afraid and face the wildfire Watch the flames, they shed light on another chapter Chain reaction is my only religion. And so together we go to the next redwood grove where I suddenly see with pyromaniac eyes It’s time to be afraid and face the wildfire ©Em Pompa 2018
Wreckage 03:53
Wreckage Flames they start to rise too soon Did we even try our best Everything around us lethal fumes Carbon stains they tell the rest I could stay locked inside our past for days In this house that we built from stones and laughter As I wake I start to feel the dread of day As our wreckage it leaves wounds that I can’t bare Water starts to fill the room Is this how I’ll spend my day No more glamour only weakness rules I’m sorry that I failed I guess Believe me when I say it’s not easy Baby can’t you see I’m trying to reach the shore As I drag with me and keep the memory of this war This burden it will lead to the ending of our tale When my head comes out to breathe will you be there once more © 2018 Émilie Pompa
Release 05:15
Release Release me from all this heavy weakness now Delete these unnecessary fears of mine I can’t breathe, my home is burning to the ground It’s unreal here I pray Please release me The snake bit me, it’s venom is spiraling all around But I can’t fear No choice to tame the beast somehow Get ready because the avalanche is now It’s hell here I’ll pray Please release me ©Em Pompa 2018
Vivian 06:34
Vivian They call her V She tells such stories from 1953 That’s when she met Henry Wears pearls around her neck With the same yellow dress She sits in the same chair every night Comes to see me at the diner where she spends a couple of hours She talks about her Henry as I bring her apple pie Keeps a piece in her pocket to feed the birds outside She helps me fix my apron as I tie my hair And says: “Dear, you should wear it down, you look lovely that way.” They call her V The crazy bird lady She smells like mints and tea, and lives in past memories Last week she turned 83 Still waiting for Henry Today something’s different She has this odd little smile She got Henry whiskey, his favourite kind She bought a pretty satin purple dress, and as she put her silk paper hand on mine, She says she needs to look the part for when he’ll arrive A week has passed by Birds are still waiting outside She’s never late, never misses a day It’s 2:35 She should be here by now I guess Henry did show up I hope Henry did show up ©Em Pompa 2018
Interlude 02:15
Interlude I’m not the one who’ll know what it feels like I’m not the one who’ll tell you it’s alright That there will be other boys in your lifetime I would’ve tried my best I would’ve taught you how to dance Given you my nervous hands And put your pictures in old frames ©Em Pompa 2018
Bullets 03:41
Bullets Bullets fly today breaking everything that made them grand It was simple then, they were kids, they were gods They built their own world Strong to catch her when she fell Brave to hold his hand And now bullets fly again The devil in disguise always seems to reappear He’s wearing Buddha’s shirt, the perfect bait Post battle air filling his lungs He’s here today, he’s here to stay Run for safety Hope you’re ready for your armor to break Because bullets fly today There’s no way we’ll live when we see the end Bullets fly today Run for your life ©Em Pompa 2018
December 08:14
December On their way up north silence was master There’s a great big storm about to rise here Seems like it’s gonna be a great disaster The road is long, it’s cold as hell How could they have known what was about to happen on that second day of December Deeper down the road, they get to their shelter Snow covered the ground, the pines are heavy Billie’s running outside, tail wagging, she’s so god damn happy Bringing firewood in together Dragging snow inside, they smile at her Seems like it’s gonna be a great disaster He lights a fire, she brings up a bottle Won’t look at each other They latch on hatred in their wooden house they built together Out of excuses, chaos is slowly taking over Like a blizzard storm becoming greater He grabs his jacket, he needs to pause this hostile behaviour Shuts the door, so loud, behind him She takes another bottle from the cellar Seems like it’s gonna be a great disaster Storm’s calming now, it’s still cold as hell Out of control, who’s fault it was, she can’t remember All she knows is that she loves him Walking further onto the frozen water, regret it starts to sink in He sees her inside their house but she doesn’t bother Didn’t see you fall in the ice there Watching Billie curl up against the fire Wish I could’ve told you it doesn’t matter Wish I talked about your laughter ©Em Pompa 2018


digital booklet with lyrics included / Livret numérique avec paroles inclus


released September 20, 2019

Paroles : Em Pompa
Musique : Em Pompa, William Côté
Arrangements cordes et cuivres : Olivier Hébert, Em Pompa

Em Pompa : voix, guitare électrique
William Côté : batterie, percussions, guitare acoustique, back vocals
Jérôme Beaulieu : piano, rhodes, synth
Jérémi Roy : basse, synth bass
Félix Petit : sax ténor, flûte, synth, back vocals
Alex Dodier : sax ténor et baryton, flûte, clarinette basse
Nicolas Boulay: trompette, flugelhorn
Kathryn Samman: back vocals

Yubin Kim: violon
Lana Tomlin: alto
Jérémie Cloutier : violoncelle
Olivier Hébert : contrebasse, trombone
Louis-Pierre Bergeron : cor français
Jean-Sébastien Vachon : tuba, trombone basse

Prise de son: William Côté
Enregistrement : Studio Donde et chalet de Louise et Jos
Mixage: Pierre Girard au Studio 3, Planet Studios
Matriçage : Richard Addison, Trillium Sound

Illustration : Alexandra Levasseur
Graphisme : Marin Blanc

Maison de disque : La Tanière

Remerciements : William Côté, Laura Black, Pierre Girard, Olivier Hébert, Pierre-David Girard, Maxime Lambert, Marin Blanc, Alexandra Levasseur, David Lavergne, Louise et Jos.

Par-dessus tout, merci à notre BébéNo aka Marie-Noëlle Bois, sans qui cette aventure n’aurait pas lieu. Merci d’être là et d’y croire comme s’il n’y avait pas de lendemain!

Fait au Canada. Tous droits réservés.
Copyright BELLFLOWER 2019


all rights reserved



BELLFLOWER Montreal, Québec

The sound of Montreal band BELLFLOWER, led by singer-songwriter Em Pompa, is one that is rare, rich and powerful. Driven by the soul and ingenuity of eight musicians, it conveys a sense of soft vastness that absorbs the listener, of quiet strength born of an enduring union. ... more

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